Automitive armor


Bullet-Proof Vehicle.

Combines experience, innovation and quality in automobile armoring, with maximum adjustment, originality and ballistic resistance.

tridimensional armor


The ultimate 3-Dimensional handgun armor.

With this innovative no-cut no-damage design, we can armor the vehicle keeping the original electrical system and without structural cuts, assuring top quality, fit, finish and functionality. Read More


Top level armor


The highest armor level protection.

Designed for people with a higher risk level, who need to be protected from both handgun and rifle ammunitions.

Glass armor


Optimum visibility armored glass.

A specialized section in the production of armored glass, using top technology for every type af application..

Rolling armor and tires


The most reliable rolling system for emergency situations.

A specialized section in the production of armored wheels and "Runflats", which allow to overcome emergencies with flat tires.

Armor Accessories


Accessories for armor reinforcement.

A specialized section in the design and production of accessories that provide comfort and avoid the immobilization of the vehicle during an attack.

armor vests and body armor


Personal Protection.

Garments, briefcases and personal protection articles, customized to your comfort and protection with minimum weight and trauma.

aircraft armor


Advanced aircraft protection.

Light and thin armor for helicopters and aircraft. It is resistance to powerful bullets, traffic and fire. Interchangeable between units.

watercraft armor


Ultralight, corrosion resistant and heavy-duty armor.

Specialized in the armoring of Boats and Watercraft, with highly resistant materials to water, corrosion and UV rays.

Read More


Locomotive armor


Train and railroad protection.

Designed for locomotives and railroad vehicles. Highly resistant to respectitive shots and long-lasting in streme climates.

Armor Projects


Protection designs made real.

Precise and efficient developments of unique ideas like limousines, ambulances, tactical vehicles and special armoring.

. Read More  


Armor panels


Ballistic composites..

A specialiced section that processes materials and composites, to manufacture ballistic panels and armor fitting devices.

Armor Kits


The ultimate armor technology.

A specialized section in setting up the right components together for all type of vehicles, aircrafts and boats..

Architectural armor


Armor for all types of structures.

Provide the necessary materials to construct buildings for maximum safety. Continuing advances in architectural shielding, require stronger and lighter materials. Read More


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